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Business Analyst - Richmond, VA

Demonstrated competency in verbal and written communications and interpersonal understanding. Demonstrated ability to research and understand customer issues. Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain a high level of customer trust and confidence in the Information Technology team's knowledge of and concern for the customer's business needs. Demonstrated organization and planning skills that include the ability to handle multiple deadlines and associated pressures, and to manage work. Demonstrated competency in analytical and logical thinking. Demonstrated ability to identify and solve problems. Demonstrated ability to create a network of relevant individuals to solve operational problems. Demonstrated ability to achieve results through others. Experience in the adaptation to and the application of rapidly changing technology to business needs. Achievement orientation. Business systems orientation. Concern for quality. Flexibility. Self-starter. Self-control. Education Bachelors Knowledge/experience requirements: 1. Knowledge of SiteCore is preferred but not required. 2. Demonstrated ability to conduct cost vs. benefit analysis, to present these to stakeholders, and to gain consensus on strategic direction. 3. Demonstrated ability to accurately gather and document business requirements and ensure these are met at the end of the development lifecycle. 4. Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain a high level of customer trust and confidence. 5. Demonstrated ability to handle multiple deadlines and associated pressures, and to manage work and priorities. 6. Demonstrated competency in analytical and logical thinking, to identify problems, to develop a network of key resources to solve these, and to achieve results. 7. Self-starter and concern for quality. 8. 2 to 5 years experience as a Business Systems Analyst

Identifies opportunities to apply technologies to business processes through research & fact-finding. This role is located in the Information Technology area. Develops and maintains credibility and effective working relations with both user and IT personnel in a way that demonstrates an understanding of business problems, IT strategies, issues and priorities. Participates in less complex technical studies to evaluate business requirements and recommend solutions. Is responsible for working with an individual business unit on multiple project assignments. Requires guidance in complex problem areas, errors may cause minor delay, expense and disruption. As the Business Systems Analyst supporting Dominion Retail, the selected candidate will: 1. Serve as liaison between IT and the Dominion Retail business, identifying specific technology needs in support of critical applications and business processes. 2. Ensure a thorough understanding of the current system designs; engage with the Dominion Retail resources. 3. Provide operational support and/or coordinate with the appropriate Dominion IT teams support for system applications, technology-related projects, and enhancements required by Dominion Retail to ensure compliance with internal and external policies/regulations. 4. Ensure technology solutions comply with Dominion’s cyber security policies, IT standards, and best practices.
















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