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Perhaps the only thing more important than communicating with your customers — is communicating with your employees.

With the days of inter-office memos and daily staff meetings a thing of the past, intranet systems are one of the most effective tools for making sure all your employees — wherever they may be — are on the same page.

Yet, while many companies have intranet's in place, few firms understand how to get the most out of their systems or even effectively overhaul existing ones.

That's where we come in.

At BranCore Technologies, we produce employee-focused intranets that save money, improve communication and increase intellectual capital. Our intranet solutions empower your employees, by providing them with access to new learning methods and the means to do their job more effectively.

We help clients set realistic expectations by examining best practices in the field, as well as key success and risk factors in planning and launching sites. And, we make it easier for companies to measure the value in bolstering their intranet offering.

The result are intranets that not only increase your employee's value, but also their motivation and loyalty to your business goals.


Easily create private extranet sites for your clients and partners.

BranCore Technologies can create a Web-based system for online collaboration between your organization and its clients and partners. Using an intuitive browser-based interface, it enables your associates to instantly create private, secure collaborative Web sites. Each private extranet site provides all the tools needed to share documents, data, contacts, news, research, calendars, and more.

BranCore Technologies can create an extranet to be deployed within a department, or across an entire organization. It is designed to work seamlessly with familiar applications such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Internet Explorer, so everyone can benefit from its use right away.

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